American Neuro Diagnostics is a neuro-diagnostics healthcare company focused on increasing patient’s quality of care, health, and wellness by using the Ambulatory EEG test.  


What is the AND A-EEG Test?

The A-EEG Test is used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. By tracking this brain wave activity, detection of potential medical conditions is possible.

Why should the American Neuro Diagnostics A-EEG Test matter to me?

An A-EEG has the ability to forecast or find abnormalities and symptoms that can be identified by brain activity. We believe that the A-EEG test is an important part of a patient’s wellness plan that fit our medically necessary criteria.

Is this test covered by my insurance?

The A-EEG test is covered by most insurances, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicare, most Medicaid plans and United Healthcare. Prior to testing, American Neuro Diagnostics will perform an eligibility check with your insurance and alert you should your specific plan not cover the test. At that time, options and next steps will be provided by an American Neuro Diagnostics representative.

How can I schedule the American Neuro Diagnostics A-EEG Test?

You can schedule your AND A-EEG Test by contacting your physician office, or by contacting American Neuro Diagnostic's Support Team.

Where is the AND A-EEG test performed?

The A-EEG Test is performed at your home. There is no need to go to your physician’s office. An American Neuro Diagnostics Technician (MedTech) will come to your home at the scheduled time.

How should I prepare for the AND A-EEG Test?

American Neuro Diagnostics has a list of do’s and don’ts that will be provided to each patient prior to Day 1 of testing.

What medical documentation is needed for the AND A-EEG Test?

American Neuro Diagnostics requires that each test order contain the following documentation: Completed Order Form, Signed Patient Consent Form, Copy of Patient’s Insurance Card (front & back), Copy of Patient Medical Records (at least 1 year of medical history).

Will my AND A-EEG Test be confidential?

Yes – All patient test results are stored in a HIPAA/PHI compliant server, and only shared directly with your ordering Physician.

Are there any side-effects in taking an A-EEG Test?

Possible head itching and slight discomfort of the electrodes on your head will be the only side-effects that you will experience during testing.

I received an “Explanation of Benefits” in the mail from my insurance company. What should I do?

For billing questions, call our patient services center at 844.212.5321

Is the American Neuro Diagnostics Technician coming to my home certified?

While a certification is not required, most American Neuro Diagnostics Technicians have some variation of a medical degree or certification. All American Neuro Diagnostics Technicians have been background checked prior to employment.

When and how will I know the results of my A-EEG Test?

Your Physician will obtain your test results within 1 week after Day 3 of testing.

Does American Neuro Diagnostics need my medical records from my physician?

American Neuro Diagnostics reserves the right to request your medical records from your physician in the event that your insurance company requests to review your medical records.